[2023 April 17] Publication update

2023.04.18 | 조회수: 485
The publication has not been updated for a long time. Below are papers published in the past year (April 2022 ~ March 2023).

* Journal
Contour-Aware Equipotential Learning for Semantic Segmentation, IEEE TMM 2023
Stereo Confidence Estimation via Locally Adaptive Fusion and Knowledge Distillation, IEEE TPAMI 2023
Cross-Scale KNN Image Transformer for Image Restoration, IEEE Access 2023
Pyramidal Semantic Correspondence Networks, IEEE TPAMI 2022
On the confidence of stereo matching in a deep-learning era: a quantitative evaluation, IEEE TPAMI 2022

* Conference
Local-guided Global: Paired Similarity Representation for Visual Reinforcement Learning, CVPR 2023
Neural Matching Fields: Implicit Representation of Matching Fields for Visual Correspondence, NeurIPS 2022
PointFix: Learning to Fix Domain Bias for Robust Online Stereo Adaptation, ECCV 2022
Sequential Cross Attention based Multi-Task Learning, ICIP 2022